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  • Suitable for students, second income or full or part-time career
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Model feedback and comments:

Unlike most unsafe and unsecure social network model advertising websites, we hand pick genuine paying clients without charging any fees from our models.

We have enclosed just some of our actual model feedback from their experiences. Original hand written feedback available for members to view.

Latest stunner: Tiffany Jo from Tyneside

"Really loved my first professional glamour shoot, and look forward to my first magazine shoot, which should be soon as get my second form of photo id sorted. Def a positive start X"

Anne from Teesside

"Had a really good afternoon, really enjoyed it."

Alicia from Tyneside

"Felt comfortable, good shoot, look forward to future work."

Rachel from Co Durham

"Felt really comfortable and enjoyed it, looking forward to coming back." :- Rachel was published in various uk mags.

Kelly from Tyneside

"Went better than i thought, made me feel really comfortable, really enjoyed it, see you soon!"

Ashleigh from Yorkshire

"I have enjoyed today, it as been a good experience, felt comfortable with the photographer, created some good poses."

Helen from Tyneside

"Really good fun! First proper shoot, wasnt too nervous at all."

Hayley from Newcastle

"I found the photographer easy to pose 4 it was funny."

Claire from Yorkshire

"It went well, i enjoyed the day."

Sarah from Teesside

"Our first shoot went well, i really enjoyed myself."

Elainor from Co Durham

"Got lost on the way, but it was well worth it, loads of fun especially since its my first time!"

Tracy from Newcastle

"Was bit nervous but very excited and confident once got used to it, lots of fun."

Zoe from Newcastle

"Had a good time, it was fun."

Cara from Midlands

"Took some time to get there, but it was great fun."

Elaine from Yorkshire

"I think today went really well, i loved every minute of it, hope to come back soon."

Tara from Yorkshire

"Everything went well, helped my confidence."

Jamie from Newcastle

"Enjoyed it, went well, cool:)"

Ashleigh from Tyneside

"Went well, i enjoyed myself."

Karen from Tyneside

"Photographer made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, thoroughly enjoyed the test shoot."

Rachel from Teesside

"Enjoyed today, comfortable with photo shoots."

Emily from Newcastle

"I enjoyed today, i was more relaxed."

Joanne from Co Durham

"I enjoyed the day and found it very educating X."

Jennifer from Teesside

"I really enjoyed the shoot, it went very well."

Emma from Newcastle

"Had a brilliant time, was bit nervous posing for first few, but thanks for help from other model, I did it."

Emma from Yorkshire

"Went well, was a little nervous at first, but soon was fine and really enjoyed it."

Sarah from Tyneside

"Enjoyed today!"

Samantha from Middlesbrough

"Went fine, lots of laughs, photographer made me feel comfortable."

Sarah from Tyneside

"My first time went really well in Sheffield, Leicester, everything went fine": Sarah did quite a few published mag and online publications.

Leanne from Middlesbrough

"Went well! Did a few unpublished shoots."

Laura White

"Got a ticking off cos lost my mob on train lol", - major from cover mag publications from 2005/08

Lucinda from Newcastle

"Good photographer."

Lorriane from North East

"Went ok, but bit nervous at first, then later went onto published mags, and i worked in newsagent, so first to see it come out! lol."

Laura White

"Went ok, but bit uncomfortable doing shoot outdoor: please note; we rarely shoot outdoor unless secluded."

Emma from Stockton

"Enjoyed my first shoot was great! Good photographer"

Lucy from Durham

"Good photography enjoyed the shoot."

Nikki from Newcastle

"Really enjoyed my first time modeling."

We have promoted over 600 models, some part-time, some successful, none should normally appear on low budget model profile websites and all models prefer to have their model enquiries managed personally, free of charge.